3 Strategies to Recover from the Holiday Slump

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Let’s all get real. Between Thanksgiving and Christmas, if you are like me, you are bouncing from party to party, trying to connect with the who’s who in your sphere of influence.  Hey, there is nothing wrong with that!  It is our job to make connections with influential people.  That means no party goes unattended.  Besides [...]

Favorite Books of 2017 to Kickstart Your 2018

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Pretty much anyone who has ever met our CEO, Kim Hollingshead, knows she is an avid reader.  She owns an impressive personal library and reads books across a wide spectrum of subjects.  "I believe in being a student of the world, learning constantly.  Every year, I devote myself to mastering new subjects and genres.  Reading makes [...]

Perseverance During Diversity

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We turn on the news and witness what seems like never ending violence and turmoil in this world and an election cycle seemingly centered on belittling the opponent and tearing them apart.  Divisiveness permeates our daily discourse. When we distinguish ourselves as different (and better) than others, it does not take much to pit ourselves against [...]

Existing Home Sales on the Rise Since New TRID Rules Started

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Existing home sales are bouncing back after dropping last November, according to HousingWire, and that means great things for buyers, Realtors® and everyone else associated with the housing industry. What Happened With Existing Home Sales? The National Association of Realtors® released data earlier this year that shows more buyers reached the market before the end of [...]

Title Insurance and Commercial Real Estate Transactions

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Title defects aren’t limited to residential real estate. With most types of insurance, you’re protecting yourself from something that may happen in the future. With title insurance, you’re protecting yourself from something that happened in the past, but which you’re unaware of. If a defect in title surfaces after you take ownership of a property, it [...]

What is Escrow in a Home Purchase?

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If you’re purchasing a home, the terminology, paperwork and sheer number of steps involved in the home buying process can definitely be overwhelming. One term many people are unfamiliar with is “escrow.” What Does Escrow Mean? An escrow account holds money to be used to pay for expenses other than the mortgage payment. This can include [...]

What Realtors® Should Know About Owner’s Title Insurance

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If you’re a Realtor®, you know that a lender’s title insurance policy is required for any type of mortgage. You also know that many homebuyers are already confused and daunted by the process of buying a home. Why, then, would you want to burden your clients by suggesting they add purchasing owner’s title insurance to their [...]

Do Lenders Require Title Insurance When Refinancing?

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If you’re considering refinancing your home—and now may be a good time to do so—you may be wondering if you’ll need a new title insurance policy. While current your owner’s title insurance policy is still good, your lender will require a new policy if you decide to refinance your mortgage. Why Does the Lender Need a [...]

Now Hiring Processors

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Now hiring: Title Insurance Processors Business:  Smart Title & Escrow Position: Title Processor – 3 years experience required Location: Nashville, Franklin, Murfreesboro TN  Summary of Job Opening: We are looking for an experienced Real Estate Title Insurance and settlement processor to prepare settlement packages for real estate closings. 2-3 years’ experience in the title insurance field [...]

Realtors®: Maximize Your Time With These 10 Amazing Apps

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At Smart Title and Escrow, we believe in sharing the hottest tips and tricks we can with our friends on the real estate side of the aisle—and after a little research on time-saving apps we could use ourselves, here’s what we came up with that will help Realtors® and mortgage professionals make the most of their [...]