New Homes: Bigger, Better, More Expensive

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It’s no secret that homebuyers want plenty of space to sprawl out, but now there’s scientific data to back up the trend that many Realtors® and other industry professionals have seen over the past few years. New homes are getting bigger… and they’re becoming more expensive. What the Numbers Say About Bigger, Pricier Homes Data from [...]

A Lesson in Strength from my Mom

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My mother is Ki Suk Hollingshead.  She was raised in Pusan, South Korea, where her entire family had resided for generations.  At the age of 18, she left Pusan and moved to the U.S. to start her new life with my dad.  Ki Suk Hollingshead Dad says that he fell in love with my [...]

The Increasing Financial Burden Crushing Renters

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Economists consider housing expenses “burdensome” if rent or house payments are more than 30 percent of a person’s income. The cost of renting a home or apartment has risen in recent years at a much faster pace than incomes have, which means that an increasing number of renters are burdened by the cost of rent. Rent [...]

Meet Jill Branyan- Title Representative

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Maybe you've received a phone call from Jill Branyan inviting you to a "Lunch and Learn" or an after work "Cocktail Mixer". Today, we'd like to introduce you to the woman behind that friendly phone call. Meet Jill Branyan: Jill Branyan- Smart Title How did you end up in Nashville? I moved to  Nashville [...]

New Rules for Homebuyers in 2016

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Recent years have seen a series of changes to the process of obtaining a mortgage. New regulations put in place since the aftermath of the financial crisis require that lenders follow certain rules to protect borrowers. Acceptable risk profiles are now standardized, encouraging lenders to make only qualified mortgages which the borrower can reasonably afford to [...]

The FHA’s 2016 Loan Limits: What Do They Mean for You?

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Whether you’re a Realtor® or a homebuyer, the FHA’s 2016 loan limits may affect you. Loan limits in 188 counties across the country have gone up this year, largely because of increased housing prices, and Davidson County is among them. Williamson County and Maury County are also included, as are: Cannon County Cheatham County Dickson County [...]

Military Homebuyers and Vets Comprise Almost 25 Percent of Buyers

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Nearly one-fourth of all homebuyers last year were active-duty military and veterans, according to the National Association of REALTORS®’ last Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers. With the huge numbers of veterans going home as the wars wind down and the military shrinks to 2008 levels, more veterans are becoming eligible to use loans backed by [...]

What Real Estate Trends Can We Expect in 2016?

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Although real estate is never truly predictable, experts are pointing to a few important things that Realtors®, title insurance agencies and other professionals may have to expect this year. 1. Home prices might stagnate. The economy is now producing jobs, which means the Federal Reserve is less worried about stimulus and more worried about keeping inflation [...]

What’s an Easement (And Why Should You Care)?

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If you own a home, chances are good that your property has an easement. It’s land you may not be able to use for whatever you’d like – but it’s technically yours and you’re still paying property taxes on it. So what does that mean for you? What’s the Legal Definition of an Easement? An easement [...]

Top Celebrity Homes of 2015

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Celebrity real estate is always fascinating – if only for the fact that we like to see the posh luxury in which our favorite stars live. While there are dozens of magazines and e-zines covering celebrity lifestyles, the real test is how many views celebrity homes get through giant real estate listing companies such as Zillow… [...]