Perseverance During Diversity

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We turn on the news and witness what seems like never ending violence and turmoil in this world and an election cycle seemingly centered on belittling the opponent and tearing them apart.  Divisiveness permeates our daily discourse. When we distinguish ourselves as different (and better) than others, it does not take much to pit ourselves against [...]

A Lesson in Strength from my Mom

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My mother is Ki Suk Hollingshead.  She was raised in Pusan, South Korea, where her entire family had resided for generations.  At the age of 18, she left Pusan and moved to the U.S. to start her new life with my dad.  Ki Suk Hollingshead Dad says that he fell in love with my [...]

Merry Christmas from Smart Title and Escrow

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“Hi!  I’m Kim Holllingshead, President of Smart Title and Escrow and I want to take a minute moment to extend a great big thank you to all of our friends, family, team members and business partners for making 2015 our biggest and most successful year so far.  We’re taking a moment to count our blessings, and [...]

Integrity: A Father’s Greatest Lesson

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Integrity, says Smart Title & Escrow President Kim Hollingshead,  is one of the most important foundations of her business and she learned from the best, her dad. On Father’s Day, she reflects on what his life lessons mean to her.   “My dad taught me great lessons in integrity which I use every day in [...]

President’s Corner- Advice on Business Meetings

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Today we are visiting with Smart Title & Escrow, LLC president, Kim Hollingshead, about conducting business meetings and closings with agents and clients. She has some excellent advice for how she keeps things organized, productive and on schedule. What is your strategy for working with busy, successful people: My strategy for working with a busy successful [...]

President’s Corner- New Disclosure Forms to Replace the HUD, TIL & GFE

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There are big changes coming our way this year with the release of the new Closing Disclosure forms as part of the Real Estate Settlement and Procedures Act (RESPA). Here is a brief overview of the form changes that will affect the way all title companies & lenders will handle your real estate closings. New Disclosure Forms Beginning [...]

President’s Corner with Reggie Polk

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We recently profiled Benchmark Agent, Reggie Polk for our Smart Feature Friday. And, in case you missed Reggie in his 15 minutes of fame on a recent episode of Family Fued, here you go. Today, our President, Kim Hollingshead catches up with Reggie Polk again to talk about Polk and Associates, custom builders. We hope you enjoyed [...]

President’s Corner- with Kim Hollingshead

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Exciting things happening at Smart Title- with Kim Hollingshead For many of us, autumn represents change. The air turns crisp, leaves change colors and even time moves backwards. We cover the pool, change out our closets and switch to pumpkin spice coffee creamer. Our business also seems to slow down, giving us room to breathe just [...]