Clients Who Cannot Come to Closing

My Client Cannot be at the Closing.  What should I do?

Smart Title & Escrow, LLC

Smart Title offers clients 3 options when they cannot make it to the closing.

The Limited Power of Attorney (POA).
The POA is a document that the client signs which authorizes another person, called an Attorney in Fact, to sign closing documents on the client’s behalf.

  • The cost is $25, preparation fee plus $17, recording fee.
  • This is a good solution for spouses and other family members who own property together but one party or more person cannot make it to the closing.
  • The reason for not appearing at the closing must be legitimate conflict and not simply for convenience.
  • This is not a good solution for a person who has no family in the area.
  • We strongly recommend that Real Estate Agents refrain from acting as AIF.  Smart Title employees are prohibited from acting as AIF.
  • The process is simple.  The client will either come to the office to sign the POA or we will email it the client and have the original POA returned to the office via FedEx.  The client is expected to make arrangements for the closing with the AIF.

The Mail Away Closing.
The Mail Away closing is one in which closing documents are emailed to the client who independently makes arrangements for the closing and delivery of documents.

  • The cost is $100, plus shipping and handling costs of around $25.
  •  This is a good option for clients who are out of the country, companies, or those who acquire and dispose of real property frequently.
  • This is not a good option for clients who are not real estate experts or are located in the United States.
  • The process is quite time consuming for both the Title Company and the client.  Many clients can become frustrated with the  amount of work and responsibility involved in a Mail Away Closing.  Therefore, we strongly recommend that clients choose the Mobile Notary option.

Mobile Notary.
Smart Title makes arrangements with a Mobile Notary to conduct the closing and deliver documents.  The Mobile Notary will come to your home or place of business, provide explanations, ensure that documents are signed correctly, and arrange the delivery of originals to Smart Title.

  • The cost varies depending on your location.  Generally, Mobile Notaries charge around $150-$250, plus shipping and handling fees.
  • This option is good for all clients located in the United States.
  • Smart Title will not cover the cost of the Mobile Notary service or shipping fees.  The Mobile Notary usually invoices the client after the closing.


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