President’s Corner- Advice on Business Meetings

Today we are visiting with Smart Title & Escrow, LLC president, Kim Hollingshead, about conducting business meetings and closings with agents and clients. She has some excellent advice for how she keeps things organized, productive and on schedule.

What is your strategy for working with busy, successful people:

My strategy for working with a busy successful person is to be respectful of their time. I like to be prepared. I like to show up on time, and whenever possible, I like to be five minutes early. I like to be flexible and I don’t take it personally. If they don’t respond to me right away I’ll just follow up with them later.

How do you prepare and conduct yourself at a business meeting?

When I am doing a closing for someone I am always mindful of the fact that they are stressed out, they are moving, their kids are packed up, all of their belongings are packed up, they can’t find a hairbrush, their pets might be waiting for them in the car. So when I do a closing for someone I’m always concerned about making them feel at ease and letting them know that I am here for them and I’m going to take care of them. So our closings are very calm. They are very calm and very professional. We try to do them quickly. I don’t want to waste everyone’s time. They are busy, they are moving we just want to get them into the closing and out as quickly as possible, but, making sure they understand all the terms and conditions of everything they have agreed to in the closing. We try to be fun and make it enjoyable for the client but it’s not a show that we are putting on for them. They are there for a serious business transaction. So I treat it like a serious business transaction.

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