Realtors – Why Your Clients Need Owner’s Title Insurance

As a Realtor®, you take your commitment to your clients seriously. You know that what’s in their best interests is in your best interests – and that includes educating them about owner’s title insurance.

Title Insurance

How Realtors Can Explain Owner’s Title Insurance to Clients

Homebuyers often misunderstand owner’s title insurance, but it’s essential that they’re made aware of how it can protect them from title defects that could threaten their home ownership.

Owner’s title insurance is different from lender’s title insurance. Lender’s title insurance merely protects the lender’s investment, while owner’s title insurance protects the buyers from legal issues that can come up during or after the sale.

Rather than just telling your clients that they need title insurance, it’s best to explain what it is and why it’s so valuable. Buying a house is already a stressful experience, and there’s so much paperwork to sign; when you break it down for your clients, you can relieve a huge burden for them.

What is Title Insurance?

Title insurance protects your clients’ legal claims to the properties they purchase. It also protects them from liability in many cases – such as when a builder doesn’t pay a contractor and the contractor puts a lien on the home in an attempt to collect. In that situation, title insurance would help prevent your client from having to pay the contractor – but without title insurance, the new homeowner would have to come out-of-pocket to clear the lien.

How Long Does Title Insurance Last?

Title insurance is good for the entire time your client owns the home. That means even if a claim against the title arises 20 years (or more) after closing, the title insurance policy will kick in and preserve the homeowner’s rights to the home.

Do You Have Questions About Title Insurance?

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