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Contract Submission Form

Submitting a contract is simple.  Complete this form and submit to Smart Title along with the Purchase & Sale Agreement, Compensation Agreement, AfBA Disclosure (if applicable), and Property Condition Disclosure or Property Exemption Notification.  Email everything to one of our Team Members or You may also fax your documents to 615-393-6223, or drop off at one of our office locations.

Wire Authorization Form

If you are receiving proceeds from the sale or refinance of your property, there are two ways that Smart Title can submit your funds.

  1. Wire Transfer (typically around $25).  For your convenience, we recommend that you have your proceeds wired into your checking or savings account.  If you choose this option, please fill out Wire Authorization Form and email it to your Settlement Officer.

Bank hold on funds:  None

  1. Check (no additional charge).  You may pick up your check at one of our office locations after the closing.  We cannot deposit your check for you; however, we will send it to you by FedEx Express Priority Overnight shipment for an additional fee of $25.

Bank hold on funds:  typically 5-10 business days (please call your bank for info)

Due to the Tennessee Good Funds Act, banking regulations & split closings, it may take up to 24 hours after the closing for the title company assigned to manage escrow to disburse funds.

If you opt for a wire transfer, then it may take an additional 4 business hours for funds to reach your bank.  Please check your bank’s policy regarding funds availability and fees.

Note:  If you are buying a home and plan to apply the proceeds from the sale of your current home towards the down payment, then we strongly recommend you have Smart Title wire transfer your sale proceeds to the Title Company processing your purchase. Please coordinate this with your Settlement Officer as early in the process as possible.

The timely submission of your proceeds is of the upmost importance to Smart Title.  Please reach out to your Settlement Officer for questions or concerns.

Wiring Instructions

If you are required to bring funds to the table, then there are three ways to submit funds.  The method you choose will depend on the total amount required to close.

  1. Amounts greater than $10,000 – Wire Transfer Only
    To avoid funding delays, please take Wiring Instructions to your bank a day or so before the closing to initiate a Wire Transfer.
  2. Amounts $1,000 to $10,000 – Cashier’s Check or Wire Transfer permitted
  3. Under $1,000 – Personal Check permitted

You may obtain Wiring Instructions or the payee for the Cashier’s or Personal Check from your Settlement Officer.  Please reach out to your bank regarding its policies and fees.

Note:  Your Settlement Officer will not be able to provide you with final figures for closing until the HUD-1 Settlement Statement has been approved by all parties to the transaction.  The Settlement Statement cannot be prepared and submitted for approval until your Settlement Officer has received Closing Instructions from the Bank and information from Real Estate Agents, Sellers, and third-party vendors, such as Homeowner’s Associations.  This typically occurs a day or so before the closing.

If you would like an estimate of your Closing Costs, please contact your Loan Officer for a Good Faith Estimate.

Smart Title is committed to making the closing process as easy as possible. Please contact your Settlement Officer with questions or concerns.