What Real Estate Trends Can We Expect in 2016?

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Although real estate is never truly predictable, experts are pointing to a few important things that Realtors®, title insurance agencies and other professionals may have to expect this year. 1. Home prices might stagnate. The economy is now producing jobs, which means the Federal Reserve is less worried about stimulus and more worried about keeping inflation [...]

2016 TRID Calendar

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If you’re a Realtor®, you have a lot on your plate – and with the latest TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosure Rules, you may find yourself explaining specific deadlines to your clients. DOWNLOAD THE 2016 TRID CALENDAR This 2016 TRID Calendar lets you evaluate closing dates throughout the year to determine when your clients need to have received [...]

3 Ways to Make Your Real Estate Transaction Simpler

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When you are purchasing a home, you want the whole process to run smoothly. However, some people have a more difficult time than others do ensuring that their home buying process goes off without a hitch. There are a handful of things you can do to make your home buying process painless, though. 3 Ways to [...]

Why Sellers Should Pay for Title Insurance for Buyers

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Buyers already know why they need title insurance – they understand that title defects can pose a risk to their home ownership. There’s something else, though, that you may need to know: it may be in a seller’s best interest to purchase title insurance for the buyer. Liability on Titles: Should Sellers Pay for Title Insurance? [...]

What is Adverse Possession When it Comes to Title Insurance – Smart Title

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Adverse possession occurs when someone gains control over or gets the title to an original landowner’s property – and the landowner may or may not know about it. The person who claims the land is called an adverse possessor. In simple terms, property rights become vested in the person or persons who occupy the land. Generally, [...]

Protect Yourself from Forged Deeds, Mortgages and Wills

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Fraud and forgery are two unfortunately common types of hidden title hazards that could cost you the rights to property you’ve legally purchased. Typically, there are a number of “red flags” that Smart Title and Escrow watches out for when we’re making sure a title is clean. Forged Deeds, Mortgages and Wills: What We Watch For [...]