Why Sellers Should Pay for Title Insurance for Buyers

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Buyers already know why they need title insurance – they understand that title defects can pose a risk to their home ownership. There’s something else, though, that you may need to know: it may be in a seller’s best interest to purchase title insurance for the buyer. Liability on Titles: Should Sellers Pay for Title Insurance? [...]

What Does a Title Insurance Company Do

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Buying a home is a big deal, and you’ll encounter all kinds of new terminology and begin business relationships with everyone from Realtors® to home inspectors.   There’s another relationship you’ll need to begin, too: one with a Tennessee title insurance agency. What is a Title Insurance Company? A title insurance company provides a type of [...]

Famous Title Insurance Cases Across the U.S.

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Title insurance originally emerged from a deficiency of U.S. land records and as something that could be used to defend against lawsuits targeting the title. (More than a century-and-a-half ago, title problems left Abraham Lincoln homeless, and problems with the existing system were rampant.) Today, title insurance is also used to protect title holders from unenforceable [...]

Why Sellers Should Purchase Title Insurance for Buyers

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Explaining to a buyer why they need title insurance is easy. Most people understand that the risk of losing their home due to a title defect is something worth protecting against.   The more difficult task can be explaining to a seller why it is in their interest to pay for an owner’s policy on behalf [...]